What a thrill and how fun it was to sing the cold open for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS this summer. So exciting to tape in the original Ed Sullivan theater on Broadway where so many greats performed. Colbert and his writers finally got us the lyrics to this and the final song list less than an hour before taping so we had to move fast and perfect these songs in record time. We did it and received so much love for it. Thanks for the shoutout on twitter Colbert and special love to his team for all your genius.

Just overwhelmed with joy from all the positive feedback from our recent feature and appearance on the PBS concert special, "Doowop Generations". Special thanks to PBS and TJ Lubinsksy for their vision in putting this spectacular event and television phenomenon together and for inviting us to be a part of history. Check your local PBS listings to see the amazing show. 

This past Christmas we had the honor of singing and recording with amazingly talented recording artist, singer/songwriter Niia over at YouTube Studios NY in NYC. The highlight was singing the beautiful and soulful Temptations inspired "Silent Night" and a new song by Sia called "Snowman". Check them out on YouTube any time of the year on Niia's channel. A truly beautiful and exciting experience. 


and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ1-ybyUq3s 


2013 was an amazing year for the TeeTones. The most exciting moments was recording a YouTube video project with Postmodern Jukebox and watching that video go viral on YouTube (search Miley Cyrus Doowop) consequently landing us a gig on ABC's Good Morning America. Can't get any more exciting than that! :) But the most enjoyable moments have been performing for you at your party, anniversary, wedding and wedding proposal. Thank you to all who hired us and brought us into the special moments of their lives. We hope we added something to the special moments. We are super excited for 2014 and have begun plans to make our very first album. It will feature original songs based on all the great music we are known for. Oh yes, we're bringing REAL music back! And it's gonna be incredible with a lot of surprises. Can't wait. It should be finished by this summer 2014. Thank you for all your continued love and support and best wishes for the New Year. - The TeeTones (Scout, Gerard, Rome, Bernard, Steve and Laurence)

It's been quite an Autumn for us with the change of color on the falling leaves and the promise of a cold winter and joyous holiday season upon us. This Fall of 2012 brought one of the most exciting events of our lives to us when our manager received a call from the Motown Museum in Detroit to perform for an exclusive fundraiser event at Steinway Hall on September 18th hosted by Sir Paul McCartney and Berry Gordy (Motown founder) with guests like Valerie Simpson, Kid Rock, Michael Bolton and many more. It was a magical evening that the Tee-Tones will not soon forget. As we approach the holiday season this year we give thanks for all the amazing opportunities we've had and a special thanks to all our fans who have shown their undying support and kindness to us through the years. 

Sadly though, for many of our friends and loved ones, the holiday season will not be the same this year. Our hearts go out with sincere wishes that for those affected by super storm Hurricane Sandy, will be able to rebuild their lives quickly.

- The Tee-Tones  

What an honor and dream come true it was to sing for this special fundraiser at Steinway for Detroit's Motown Museum in front of Paul McCartney and Berry Gordy after they discussed their mutual respect for each other. This was a day we will never forget. 

Excited about this summer 2012. Already steaming up with appearances on Ed Salek's 'Island Hop' cable TV show on Staten Island and Brooklyn FIOS networks and the Coney Island Sand Sculpting Event on July 21st. Looking forward to keeping you informed of all our Tee-Tones happening. 


In harmony,


The Tee-Tones 

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